Large Twisty Glass Icicle Decorations


Decorations to treasure for years to come – these will quickly become favourites.
  • large glass icicles in a metal tin
  • bestselling twisty design
  • makes a great gift which will be enjoyed for years to come


Large glass icicle decorations are perfect for the lower and middle branches of a large tree. They’ll also look beautiful hung around your home, reflecting light and adding sparkle. Choose a set of twenty four for maximum twinkling, or pick a smaller set to enjoy or gift.


Each icicle is approximately 14cm long and 12mm in diameter. The hanging thread adds an extra 10cm to the length.

Sets of 3 or 6 icicles are sent in a shallow metal tin measuring 15cm x 13cm x 1.8cm.

Sets of 12 and 24 icicles are sent in a deep metal tin measuring 15cm x 13cm x 5.7cm.

How are the icicles made?

We start by cutting long glass rods into more manageable lengths. These are  individually heated and manipulated in a flame allowing a hanging loop and twists to be added.  Why twisty? The twists spiral round and round as they move along the icicle.

The icicles are then annealed. Hanging threads are added, and icicles are packed in a felt pouch and metal tin.

What are the icicles made from?

The icicles are made from durable borosilicate glass. Clear borosilicate glass catches and reflects light, making the icicles sparkle.

Care for your decorations

Glass  decorations are unlikely to need much looking after. They can be polished with a soft cloth, and if necessary cleaned with soap and water.

If you choose to hang your decorations outside all year round check the hanging thread for wear and replace as necessary.

Using these over the winter holidays? Store your decorations in the box and felt wrapping they arrived in to ensure they stay safe until next Christmas.

Gift box included

Your glass decorations come packed in a metal tin and felt pouch which stops the icicles from bumping against each other. The tin provides a safe home for your decorations when they’re not making your home sparkle.

Decorations come  with a leaflet describing the processes and glasses used, making them extra giftable.

Sending a gift

We can gift wrap and post this item straight to your recipient. We’ll add tissue paper wrapping and a hand written note.  

Put the recipients name and address in the shipping details, use the comments box for your message and let us do the rest.

More information about sending a gift.

Eco Credentials & Recycling

Glass has great eco credentials and is suitable for vegans.

All the recycling information you need is here. All the repair information you need is here.


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