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Close up view. A clear glass link which passes through five small beads made from a brown marmite jar. Link and beads have a frosted finish. The link hangs from a fine sterling silver chain.

Reusing Glass to Make Glass Beads

Glass is one of those materials that it’s easy to feel smug about. It’s recyclable, right?  It goes into your recycling bin without any thought needed. It’s a million times easier than trying to figure out what plastics need to go where. However it’s not all as good as it

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2024. Time To Fail More

It’s been an unusually quiet week between Christmas and New Year. Quieter than usual. The Glass of Joy is less than a year old and there isn’t a Boxing Day sale to deal with – that’s one part of my previous business I don’t miss. Mainly it’s been a chance

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Seven lampwork glass icicles with coloured spirals

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas from Small Indie Businesses

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to discover thoughtful and unique Christmas gifts from small businesses. Supporting independent artisans and entrepreneurs not only brings joy to your loved ones but also helps these businesses thrive. The businesses featured below belong to folk I met through

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